When I see your cute cheeks, I want to kiss them.

The reason why I live is you.

henliilau asked:
✿゚ - I love you <(^o^)> bc you are an amazing person and beautiful and wonderful and I loooooove talking to you as well my precious thessa <333 and id ask for a selca but only if you're comfortable sharing !!! (I'm not tbh ><)

/cries helen i love you too ;__;   you’ve really become one of my best friends here and i’m sooo thankful i got to know you ♥

and i actually posted a selca tag thingy a few days ago… so i’ll just direct you to it here… /runs away 

Fluffy Yoo (^▽^)
daehyun (ft. himchan) in hurricane for sophie. (⊙‿⊙✿)

someone is jealous

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